Silver Spring Neighborhood Center is a nonprofit organization with a mission to build a safer, stronger neighborhood and community. For more than 55 years, Silver Spring has been a stabilizing presence in Westlawn – Wisconsin’s largest low-income public housing development – and on Milwaukee’s northwest side. Founded on the settlement house model in 1958, Silver Spring continues to provide wraparound services to more than 8,000 people annually. We hope you will find the information on this website informative and inspiring.

Our Stories

  • Jewel’s Story

    Now a freshmen majoring in biology with an emphasis on pre-med and a minor in Spanish at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, Jewel Lewis, 18, is a role model to her siblings. “I encourage them to do better,” she now says. At an early age, though, the odds were stacked against Jewel. At five […]

  • Richard & Diane Omdahl’s Story

    More than 10 years ago, Mr. Richard and Diane Omdahl connected with the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center through a rotary club where Richard was a member. He and Diane, along with other members, would visit Silver Spring’s early childhood education center, now known as the Elaine Schreiber Child Development Center, to read to children. Diane’s […]

  • Raymond’s Story — Getting Back on the Right Path

    Anyone who converses with 32-year-old Raymond Bailey who volunteers at our Community Food Bank has no idea the plight he has overcome. Born in Springfield, IL, his life took a downward spiral after his sister passed from Leukemia, his father passed and his mother was incarcerated. Labeled as a problem child, Raymond became part of […]