Just because you’ve grown up, doesn’t mean you’ve outgrown the need for a helping hand.

Silver Spring Neighborhood Center offers adult education and employment assistance programs to help the adults we serve stand up for themselves and their families.

Employment Program

Silver Spring Neighborhood Center is one of four administrating agencies of Transform Milwaukee Jobs Program (TMJP).

Participants enrolled in TMJP are placed in subsidized jobs with local businesses within our collaborative network. After successfully completing six months or 1040 hours of subsidized work, participants gain unsubsidized jobs with their host employer or employment opportunities elsewhere.

Silver Spring Neighborhood Center supports each participant throughout the process by providing job coaching, assistance to address barriers (i.e. purchasing work uniforms and boots, paying for specialized training, etc.) and retention services.

TMJP staff work closely with community employers to maintain a strong relationship to create pathways for jobs with family sustaining wages.

Participants of the program must have spent at least one day in jail (criminal background) unless the applicant is 18-24 and without a child. Participants must have not worked at least 4 calendar weeks, and can not be receiving W-2 or unemployment benefits.


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JobUp Milwaukee Program

The JobUp program, along with two local Business Improvement Districts – Havenwoods and Menomonee Valley Partners, helps MATC students advance their career and technical training goals by providing work experience opportunities. Through Cooperative Education work experiences, students can learn on-the-job by being placed with employer partners in paid work experiences for multiple semesters. These partnering companies are all located in Milwaukee County and accessible surrounding areas.

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If you or someone you know is interested in upskilling to improve their employment situation through technical education, please call: Stephanie Harling at 414-431-2274 or email at sharling@havenwoods.org to get started on your new job goals today!



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