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Hero of the Week 5/28/21 (Community Contest)

Posted by Silver Spring Neighborhood Center - 2021-05-28 14:58:20

Today's Hero of the Week is something a bit different...


Today we're announcing a "Creative Community Contest" we'd like to share!


The Silver Spring Neighborhood Center has been around since 1958 and seen a lot of change throughout the years. We have always existed to serve the community around us and that community has grown with us over the years.


With the incredible Westlawn Gardens affordable housing project getting closer and closer to completion, we have been updating quite a few things to welcome all the newest members of our community of success!


One of the things we wanted to update was our logo, the representation of who we are and the community we serve. As we discussed how to go about it, we realized we couldn't symbolize the community without the community's input! (plus we also thought some folks might find this really fun!)


Through the month of June, we are going to be holding a creative community contest and everyone is welcome to participate! Whether your a professional graphic artist or perhaps you have a child who loves to draw, we are hoping to hear from the collective creativity of the community!


We've had some truly amazing artisans make some unique designs in the past.


This logo was designed by some high schoolers in our afterschool media programs. I'm sure they'll be participating in this challenge!


While we have an "idea" of what we're looking for we're also open and hoping to see some unique takes. We are going to run this through June. After which we will compile the results and work with a graphic designer and release the winner!


If you have a little one who loves to color, we'd love to see what they come up with!


Please take a picture and send it our way!

Any questions, inquiries, or submissions about the logo contest can be directed to our Director of Philanthropy, Benjamin Holt at bholt@ssnc-milw.org


We want to thank all the heroes who read this weekly and can't wait to show the creativity of our community

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