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Hero of the Week 1/8/21 (2021 Outlook and Campaign Overview)

Posted by Silver Spring Neighborhood Center - 2021-01-08 15:39:52

Welcome to 2021! 

Our heroes today are all of you who made our Winter fundraise such a success!  


We wanted to take a moment to share some highlights of what our amazing supporters accomplished during this campaign and a few things the SSNC has brewing this year!  


We really wanted to leap into 2021 strong.

Our hope was if we could raise $20,000 at the end of the year, we could begin 2021 with a bang!   


We have ambitious plans this year to help our community and we wanted to start strong! So how'd it turn out? 


 We raised just over $23,000!

The thing that truly touched us was the sheer number of contributions.

Big and small, people chipped in what they could to support an idea and a place they believe in.


We do not take that responsibility lightly 


On top of that, our supporters got into the Holiday spirit! We had an unbelievable amount of individuals and organizations get creative with how they wanted to show support!


Some gave Christmas gifts for the kids of our community. Others volunteered their time or skills. Some sent Holiday wishes or helped us spread our fundraising message to increase visibility. 


All of it meant so much to us and those we serve!  


So what does 2021 hold for the SSNC? 


While we have big plans for 2021, we're not out of the woods from this pandemic yet and still expect quite a few hurdles.

That being said we are excited and motivated to make this year truly special!  


We have a new Senior Director of Programs that will bring us to new levels. Our goals of enriching our community via education, employment, opportunities, culture, and overall health is at the center of that.  


Our aquaponics system should change the way we fight food insecurity in 2021. Working hand in hand with the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee, we believe this is a crucial goal of 2021!  


2021 is also a unique and special year for the entire community around us. Westlawn Gardens, Wisconsin's largest public housing community, has been around for over 60 years and was the origin of our creation. 


While it won't be fully finished until 2022, the progress of our entire community is staggeringIf you haven't seen it recently, we hope we can convince you to stop by sometime in 2021 for a tour (email Ben Holt if interested, information at the bottom of this newsletter).

We are in the epicenter of it all and are honored to play our role of being the services side of the equation!

None of this would be have been possible without the support of people like you. Whatever happens in 2021 just remember that you all are starting it off as heroes!

We, and those we serve, thank you for your support. We look forward to continue sharing the stories of our work through this year! 

That's why YOU are our...


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