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Hero of the Week 1/15/21 (Fresh Food Council)

Posted by Silver Spring Neighborhood Center - 2021-01-15 15:52:30

Today's hero of the week is an incredible idea that we want to see gain more traction in 2021! Today we want to shout out the amazing work of the Fresh Food Access Council!

This recently developed collaborative is group made up of 20+ neighborhood residents and partners, including the SSNCRocketship Transformation Prep SchoolsUW-MilwaukeeTeens Grow Greens, the Milwaukee Food Council, the MKE Good Food BusThe Farm, The Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee, and the Westlawn Partnership for a Healthier Environment

 A community with the power to access, use, and share

fresh food and wellness resources with each other is a community that can thrive

Although still a work in progress, this is an monumentally important undertaking to combat food insecurity in our community. 

The group has been meeting once a month to better understand the food needs of the neighborhood and connect the amazing assets that already exist in our community. 

Working together, the mission is to harness the power of the community to create local options for healthy, fresh, and affordable foods; amplify existing resources; and share knowledge and experiences about nutrition, cooking, and wellness.  

Remember last week when we previewed our aquaponics system? All of these pieces together is what make it such a special project! 

 We're so excited to keep up the momentum going into 2021 and are looking for all community members who have an interest in food, cooking, gardening, nutrition, and wellness to join the team and share their voice, experience, and passions. 

The staff at the Fresh Food Access Council would also like to give a special thanks to Devin Hudson, Derrick Shoates, James Wilbern, Narcis Daniel, Jean Bell-Calvin, and Michelle Faltison for being such pivotal players in making this happen

To all of these partners and anyone who believes in the importance of fighting food insecurity...

You are our...


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